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PA6. PA66 (Nylon) Material Characteristics

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PA6. PA66 (Nylon) Material Characteristics:


1. Self extinguishing properties can be improved through modification to achieve fire and flame retardant VO level, meeting various flame retardant standards such as hot wire and needle flame.


2. Mechanical performance: It has high strength, rigidity, and toughness, and can withstand large external loads and fracture resistance. By improving its strength through modification, it can replace metals.


3. Wear resistance: It has a certain degree of self-lubricating properties and can maintain a good surface condition for a long time in friction environments. Through modification, wear can be greatly reduced and service life can be extended.


4. Chemical corrosion resistance: It has a certain resistance to many chemical substances, acids, bases, organic solvents, oils, and drugs.


5. Heat resistance: It can work normally in a certain high-temperature environment, and different types of nylon have different heat resistance temperatures.


6. Dimensional stability: Under different environmental conditions, the size changes are relatively small. But improving water absorption can enhance the dimensional stability of the product. It can also be modified to make hydrolysis resistant nylon.


7. Fatigue resistance: able to maintain performance under repeated stress and less prone to fatigue damage.


8. Weathering resistance: To a certain extent, it can resist the influence of ultraviolet radiation and climate conditions. Improving resistance to low temperatures can enhance the strain resistance to the environment.


9. Electrical insulation: It can be used as an electrical insulation material. It can also be modified to become a conductive and anti-static material.


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