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Application of Engineering Plastics PA6.PA66

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PA6. PA66 (modified nylon) relies on the trend of "replacing steel with plastic" and has a wide range of applications, currently covering the following multiple fields:


Automotive industry: can be used for center console, instrument panel, bumper, handle, door panel, intake manifold, fuel tank, wheel hub, bearings, brake pads, fan blades, oil pump housing, valve chamber cover, car air conditioning evaporator, circuit breaker, oil pan, water pump impeller, connector, junction box, radiator and water tank, fan cover, liner, seat frame, armrest, and new energy vehicle battery pack shell, etc.


Electronics and Electrical: Can be used to manufacture terminal blocks, connectors, slots, sockets, plugs, switches and junction boxes, coil frames, power banks, chargers, connectors, power adapters, insulation layer sheaths for wires and cables, handles, pulleys, Madar frames, rotors, fixed brushes, circuit breakers, lampshades and bases, electrical switchgear, distribution boxes, electronic appliance casings and accessories, and structural components of new energy charging pile equipment. Modified flame-retardant nylon can effectively prevent fires caused by electrical faults.


Electric tools: can be applied to the internal structural components and plastic shells of electric drills, electric saws, hot air guns, cutting machines, sanding machines, engraving machines, angle grinders, polishing machines, electric tools, lawn mower shells, hardware handles, and storage boxes.


Daily household appliances: can be applied to fan blades, electric heater mesh covers, electric stew pot steam valves, electric mosquito swatter frames, electric baking tray slides, fan blade fixing nuts, microwave shaft sleeves, electric hotpot knobs, hair dryer mesh covers, electric steamer filter screens, pressure cooker valve cores, baking tray fixing cards, electric heating treasure protective covers, induction cooker buttons, top beads of electric boiling pot covers, electric kettle handles, yogurt machine cup covers.


Industrial machinery: can be applied to transmission components, gears, pulleys, chains, bearing cages, spindles, rollers, protective casings, high-pressure water pumps, electric valves, pipelines and valves, exhaust pipes, water meter casings, seals, ball screws, guide rails, electrical control cabinets, conveyor belt components, coal selection machinery, ball mills, textile machine accessories, sugarcane presses and engineering machinery cranes, etc.


Sports equipment: can be applied to snowboards, tennis rackets, golf clubs, strollers, bicycle handlebars, children's bicycle stands, mobile casters, fishing rods, and skate accessories.

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