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    Tenylon Plastic Co., Ltd. passed the EU ROHS and SGS environmental certification, is a company specializing in the production, development, design, and sales of high-performance modified plastic particles, such as PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and PA6 and PA66 (nylon).

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Mechanical and Chemical industry plastics

Mechanical and Chemical industry plastics

Mechanical an


PPS (modified polyphenylene sulfide) has excellent comprehensive properties and can be used as a substitute for metals, copper, aluminum, and iron; It has a wide range of uses and is currently widely used in various fields such as automotive industry, electronic appliances, automotive parts, mechanical and chemical engineering, electrical energy, kitchenware and bathroom, medical communication, aerospace, etc.


Machinery and chemical industry: can be applied to textile machine accessories and lining, valves, valve seats, covers, pipes, fittings, joints, three-way valves, gaskets, etc. of chemical equipment; It can also manufacture various high-temperature and corrosion-resistant dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis tanks, exhaust valves, discharge valves and pump casings, impellers, fans, blades, filters, bearings, shaft sleeves, sliders, oil pumps, submersible pumps, fire-fighting equipment, hot water pipe valves and connectors, cold and hot water control instruments, impeller plugs, piston rings, gears, tile gears, pump wheels, pulleys, supports, gaskets, flange plates, counters, level gauges, flow meters, universal heads, conduits, spray, fuel nozzles, heat shields, regulators, instrument parts, watch core seats and various precision mechanical parts.


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