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Automotive and Vehicle industry plastics

Automotive and Vehicle industry plastics

Automotive an


PPS (modified polyphenylene sulfide) has excellent comprehensive properties and can be used as a substitute for metals, copper, aluminum, and iron; It has a wide range of uses and is currently widely used in various fields such as automotive industry, electronic appliances, automotive parts, mechanical and chemical engineering, electrical energy, kitchenware and bathroom, medical communication, aerospace, etc.


Automotive and motorcycle industries: can be used for intake manifolds, automotive electronic connectors, air conditioning evaporators, motors, batteries, lights, lamp sockets, bumpers, vaporizers, vaporizers, intake valve pipes, connectors, cooling pipelines, DC-DC converters, EGR exhaust gas circulation valves, steering wheels, solenoid valves, solenoid coils, electronic throttle valves, water pump impellers, rotating blades, water pump rotors, water pump casings, engine controllers, exhaust devices, exhaust valves, fuel injector drivers, oil pump end caps, lithium battery covers, fuel pumps, IGBT modules, ignition coils, insulation parts, light reflectors, motors, radar covers, seats, water tank compartments, throttle bodies, automotive and electrical controllers, motor brackets, heating port brackets Brake bracket, transmission device, brake lock, sensor, thermostat, wire harness cable connector, thermal management system, various interior components and high-temperature flame-retardant accessories.


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